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In today's fast-paced world, Information Technology is a driving force keeping businesses and homes functioning properly. You can’t afford to be disconnected. 123 Computer Support recognizes that individuals and companies depend on fast, reliable IT Support & Services, and we’ve built our reputation on providing just that for over 20 years!

We provide complete IT Support for all your computer and network needs for your Home & office. You can count on our professional and experienced support technicians to be instantly available by Phone, Text or Email to provide immediate remote support or physically be dispatched to your location.

In addition to resolving computer emergencies, we also provide preventative computer service to avoid problems in the first place.

Our Philosophy

Over the years we have saved our clients thousands of dollars by providing a level of support "the other guys" can't. First and foremost, we are YOUR IT technology advocate. Our recommendations are vendor neutral.

We will NEVER advise you to make a purchase which is counter to your best interests just to fatten our profit. We would rather have a customer for life than a onetime cash squeeze. If there is a lower cost solution to your technology needs you may not have considered, we will let you know about it and let you decide.

But upfront cost isn't the only thing to take into consideration. We look at the long term to see how a solution is going to serve you years down the road, balancing maintenance costs and overhead into the full picture to make the best possible recommendations.

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